Get Help Guiding Your Children to Sexual Integrity

Helping develop sexual integrity for others we care about, such as our children, can be a daunting goal in the world we find ourselves in. A mentor who has navigated those waters successfully, and helped hundreds of others do likewise, can be enormously helpful in that journey.

Purity consulting analyses individual backgrounds and weighs them against the wide array of resources and methods available to generate a customized plan to reach ones objectives. Consulting is a relatively short-term process, lasting weeks or a few months with email contact between sessions.


Parent Consulting—Tailored plans for parents to use with children to guide them to sexual purity. Very useful for single mothers raising sons or any parents who want individualized attention.

Father-Son Consulting—Personalized consulting for fathers and sons ages 13 and up to help them set up ongoing conversations that lead to sexual integrity. 

Parent Groups—A six-week online curriculum with weekly video conferences to go over the material. Limited to six couples at any one time.

Benefits of Purity Consulting

Parents have few places to turn to for advice that is customized to their unique situation. While problems associated with the hyper-sexualized culture we find ourselves in continue to grow, solutions remain largely mass-produced and impersonal or highly expensive. Consulting offers an affordable solution that takes each family’s unique culture and history into account.

All forms of parent consulting are fairly short-term in nature, designed to put your family on a path forward and equip you to sustain the journey. Together we can determine specific solutions will result in the highest return for your particular situation.