John is a sexual integrity consultant for parents, men as well as churches and organizations. He helps families and individuals thrive amidst a world of sexual chaos. 

He has worked professionally in the arena of sexual integrity the last 9 years. Prior to his work as a sexual purity consultant he was a department director in several high-tech companies, including the 8th largest software company in the world. 

John has experience and expertise in leadership, large-scale corporate training, strategy development, innovation, organizational change, team dynamics, and curriculum development. He has lived overseas and is fluent in Portuguese. He has a masters degree in science education.

John is currently the Director of Pure Community, an outreach of Be Broken Ministries. He speaks regularly on parenting for purity in the 21st century and leads workshops on working with Millennials in recovery settings. He is the author of Father-Son Accountability, as well as the fictional trilogy, The Forbidden Scrolls.

Who I Am

I understand that people fear buying a service that may not be right for them. I respect the reality that I may not be the best fit for everyone. If I am not the right solution for you, I will utilize my broad professional network to find someone who is.

Here are some things that are important to me, which may help you decide if I am a good fit for you:

  1. Faith: my relationship with Jesus Christ is the focus of my life.
  2. My wife: something I have worked very hard on, that has brought great joy.
  3. My children: my kids, even as adults, are something I constantly invest in.
  4. Relationships: close friends are a critical component of emotional stability for me.
  5. Integrity: striving to reflect my words through my actions.
  6. Service: I am a driven individual and I focus that energy on helping others.
  7. Music: my place to find and express myself.
  8. Writing: I write constantly—it’s how I think—I only publish bits of what I write.