"While recently prepared a weekend church message series called, The Sex Talks.  I knew I needed trusted experts to provide current research, comprehensive awareness of best practices, and personal experience in successful ministries at the local, regional and national levels. I was very fortunate to have a long-term friendship with John Fort. He provided excellent help in conversation, and in written form, that specifically addressed our research needs. John provides counsel, content, and consultation that serves church leaders well." 

Jared Roth Ed.D.
Senior Pastor
Evergreen Christian Center

Churches and organizations are coming to realize their congregations and employees have more serious issues with sexual purity than they imagined. It is unrealistic, however to expect everyone impacted by sexual brokenness in a large organization to attend a support group or go to counseling. There are, however, ways to address sexual purity and provide healing that can work on a larger scale—by affecting cultural change. However, each church or organization is unique and requires a customized plan to move forward. I am part of a large network of professionals who can be drawn upon to design, plan and implement solutions that can work for a wide variety of organizations and organizational cultures.



Single Starter Session - $50

"John Fort recently addressed sexual purity with my church youth leadership team. John was thorough and opened an approach which was unique and helpful. I can say our team and our teenage students benefited greatly from John's experience."

Brad Paice
Student Ministies Pastor
Evergreen Christian Center

Perhaps you just need assistance selecting a program that best fits your organization, or you have specific questions and don’t require ongoing help. In a single 90 minute session we can discuss:

  • Church/Organization culture
  • Current issues that need addressing
  • Personalized action plan
  • Recommended resources

Three Session Strategy Package - $225

For a longer-term plan, spreading the conversation over multiple sessions is helpful. Three 90 minute sessions, spread out several months so your leadership can have time to implement strategies in between. We will customize an approach to strengthening sexual integrity in your church or workplace. Over a six month period, we will:

  • Discuss church/organization culture
  • Determine most pressing current issues that need addressing
  • Defining objectives
  • Prescribe starter resource recommendations
  • Undergo staff surveys & assignments
  • Review & asses staff surveys
  • Discuss possible resources
  • Customize a plan to move forward
  • Review and revise plans each session
  • Develop an annual plan for promoting integrity