"John's suggested activities and approaches really helped us get our son (age 12) to open up. I've had the best conversations ever with my son since we started. My relationship with my son is now deeper than it's ever been." 


While there are quite a few books on parenting for purity, few if any can cover the scope of issues a parent in today’s hyper-sexualized culture face. Very young children are being exposed to hard-core pornography, even when parents do all they can to prevent exposure. I offer consulting packages that identify issues unique to each family, parent and child.

Parent Consulting

Getting Started Single Session - $50

Sometimes a family needs only one session to get moving in the best direction for their children. This is particularly true of families with children still of grade school age. Sessions are customized to meet your particular family needs. A Getting Started session is an hour and a half and covers:

  • Addressing Fears
  • Media Safety Plan
  • Conversation Starters
  • Accountability Plan
  • Suggested resources to follow up with

Follow Up Session - $50

After a month or two, a family may decide to check in to make adjustments to how they are working with their children. Sometimes they encounter snags or other unforeseen issues. In these cases, we can do a one hour follow up session to go over the plan and make necessary revisions and resource recommendations.

Six Session Parenting Package - $250

For parents who want more guidance, a six-session package is offered. Sessions can be anywhere from one week to one month apart, depending on what is best for the family. This approach is particularly useful for parents of children 12 and over or if long term use of pornography or other activities have been discovered. The package covers:

  • Addressing Fears
  • Understanding Modern Pornography
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Accountability Plan
  • Decision Making in Teens as it relates to sexuality
  • Cleansing Conversations and conversation starters