"John's suggested activities and approaches really helped us get our son (age 12) to open up. I've had the best conversations ever with my son since we started. My relationship with my son is now deeper than it's ever been." 


While there are several books on parenting for purity, few if any can cover the scope of issues parents in today’s hyper-sexualized culture face. Very young children are being exposed to hard-core video pornography, even when parents do all they can to prevent exposure. Sexualized messages are everywhere. The main comment I hear from parents, especially dads, is “I don’t know what to say to my child.”

Consulting is not just for when problems arise. Consulting also helps prevent problems in the first place by training parents how to best work with their individual child.

Direct consulting helps with this problem by offering very personalized guidance for each family situation. Parent groups offer another way for parents to come up with their own strategies while hearing from other parents in similar situations.

Parent Consulting

Parent Consulting: $50 per 1-hour session

Designed to address problems that have arisen in children which concern the parents. Working with one set of parents to determine the individual needs of each child and developing a strategy to move forward to promote sexual integrity. Information on development of childhood emotional health, managing erotic material and decision making in teens can be covered as needed. The number of sessions depends on the needs of the family.

Father-Son Consulting: $50 per 1-hour session

For fathers with sons ages 13 and over. Are you a father that wants to help his son but don’t know what to say? This is a perfect solution! A father and son meet via video conference and are given guided discussion to get the conversation going in the right direction. Education is also given on any areas that are needed along the way. Typically meeting every two weeks then moving to once a month as progress is made. Six to eight weeks is usually enough.

Online Parenting for Purity Groups - $199 per couple, $99 for single parent

A six-week online curriculum with weekly video conferences. Limited to six couples per group. The curriculum covers emotional development, healthy sexuality, important conversations, media safety, accountability plans, decision making in teens, and more. Discuss what you are learning with other parents each week and come up with a plan that fits your family by the end of the six-week course. New groups start every two months.